If you are planning of buying any house for sale in Lekki Lagos, You are not far from making a great investment that will most likely appreciate fast over time.

Lekki has a good reputation for having some of the most expensive real estate houses for sale in Lagos State in 2021. But finding the right affordable luxury house to invest in Lekki is not always that easy. 

It is very unfortunate and heartbreaking to hear new real estate investors talk about how they spend millions to purchase a finished house and then start encountering various unnecessary challenges like leaking pipes, and plumbing issues, to flooded streets caused by poor drainage networks in the vicinity.

Lekki is popularly known to be home to beautiful house designs, accommodating top celebrities and the noble middle class in Lagos Nigeria. Owing to a new house in Lekki can be a nightmare if you have no clue of what you are getting into. This is why we are sharing these 3 things you need to know about how to successfully purchase your first house in Lekki makes them before purchasing your first house in Lekki.

Buying real estate in Lekki is a solid investment that is sure to keep appreciating over time as most part of Lekki like Ibeju-Lekki is still underdeveloped and will be attracting investors in the future as a result of the Dangote refinery currently developing in Ijebu-Lekki.

Buy houses for sale in Lekki with an off-plan property plan because it can offer significant benefits

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What Is An Off-plan Property?

Off-plan property refers to a property or a real estate development that is still in its construction stage or planning phases, therefore it hasn’t been completed yet. As demands for living in Lekki environs increase, the amount of off-plan property developments continues to rise in order to keep up with the constant and prepare for the future.

I was with a prospective client a few days ago and he was telling me about the ’90s and how much he loves cars, he went on to tell me the price he got the Benz 230 which was the most popular car then. 

Meanwhile, his wife who understood real estate investment convinced him to buy a house Off-plan, he and was able to make payments in instalments and also monitor the construction process. A few years later, Benz is out of the picture and the house he got is still very much price worthy.

When it comes to off-plan purchases, you get to build along with the developer from the foundation stage to the finishing stages. This is a great advantage to you because you will get to see the materials used in the building, plus, no one wants to buy a house that has a poor foundation with a cracked wall after a few years, at least not you.

The main reason why you should buy off-plan remains that, it’s an affordable cheap luxury and can be cheaper no matter your pocket budget, you can get over 20% saved, and usually much cheaper when you buy an off-plan compared to buying already completed and furnished house for sale in Lekki. Unlike a property that has been constructed, it involves committing to a purchase before the property itself is built.

With an off-plan purchase, you can also get t pick in color arrangements and are often given detailed interiors like the quality of tiles, and toiletries that will suit their budget.

You do not need to break the bank, off-plan allows you to buy a house before completion, this has a great advantage because you have the opportunity to pay as you build, meaning installment payment will be accepted.

The only major risk or disadvantage is the risk of purchasing something that has not been completed. The inconvenience of not being able to take possession straight away (i.e. move in immediately)

Consider The Location With Good Roads, Drainage Water Supply, Borehole And Treatment Plant

Some parts of Lekki environs t are known to have serious issues of flooding during the rainy season. For buying a property in Lekki, a prospective can target fast-growing areas such as Ibeju Lekki, Lakowe, Abijo, Awoyaya, Sangotedo, Ajah, Lekki Phase 2, Ikota, and other suburbs within the Lekki Peninsula.

as a result of Lekki’s location is in the Eti Osa(by the Lagoon) environs, the water from boreholes is yellowish in color, with a distinct smell, and will need tthe o be treated before it can be used. In most estates in Lekki, if it is a serviced estate, supply good water treatment is handled by the estate but in other cases, you will need to make sure the developer provides these for you. You should carefully take notes and observe the roads during your site inspection visit.

Do A Search To Investigate Before Buying a House In Lekki Lagos

off plan benefits in Lagos nigeria

Anyone can create lovely-looking 3D designs on paper, but many do not implement exactly what they market out here.

Generally, it is advised that before contracting to purchase a property that a buyer shows great care, attention, and diligence. If you decide you are purchasing an off-plan property. it’s very important you inspect previous projects that were completed and delivered by the same developer in the past, to help you know your expectations ahead of time.

here is are a few things you need to investigate.

  • Lands Registry
  • Surveyor General Office
  • Corporate Affairs Commission(make sure the company behind the property is registered)
  • Physical Site Inspection

At Dozek group we are dedicated to bringing you the best off-plan properties for sale in Lagos. Our properties include both off-plan or a fully completed and furnished ready to move into immediately. We value integrity thus our vast past project portfolio is a must-view if you are looking for the perfect real estate developer in Lekki to buy your next property.