Property Inspections and Tours. 5 Important Dos and Don'ts

Property tours are incredibly exciting! They give you a glimpse of your potential future in new surroundings and help you identify your dream home. However, there are a few pitfalls you should avoid during these tours to ensure a smooth and successful house-hunting experience. Let’s go through some simple dos and don’ts:

1. Keep Your Group Small

DO: Bring a tight-knit crew, but don’t turn it into a parade. While having friends and family offer their input can be valuable, remember that it’s your opinion that matters most. Plus, a large group can be distracting and might deter sellers from focusing on your needs. If you must bring company, discuss it with your buyer’s agent beforehand.

2. Assume You’re Being Watched

DO: Stay aware that you might be under scrutiny during your visit. These days, surveillance cameras are more common than ever. While it’s unethical and possibly illegal for sellers to spy on potential buyers, it still happens. They may use this info to assess your interest and negotiate accordingly. Even without cameras, the neighbors might be keeping tabs, so be discreet.

3. Resist the Urge to Snap Photos or Record Videos

DON’T: In our smartphone era, it’s tempting to document every potential new abode. But remember, you’re on someone else’s turf. Unless you have permission, taking photos could infringe on state laws. Sharing these on social media? Big no-no. It can weaken your bargaining power and invade the owner’s privacy. Save the photography for when it’s YOUR property.

4. Get Creative

DO: Houses come in all shapes and styles, and they might not align with your tastes immediately. This is where your creativity comes into play. Think about easy, budget-friendly changes like updating light fixtures, and window treatments, or giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. 

Consider trying augmented reality (AR) apps that can help you visualize your vision. Some of these apps allow you to experiment with different wall colors and virtually furnish rooms. Get imaginative and uncover the hidden potential in every home.

5. Respect Boundaries

DON’T: Testing taps and opening cabinets is acceptable, but venturing into the bathroom without permission isn’t. It’s a good idea to check with your buyer’s representative before getting too comfortable. Many homeowners prefer that you don’t use their facilities, so it’s best to plan a pit stop before embarking on the tour.

By following these helpful tips, you can maximize your property tours without any unnecessary hiccups. Wishing you a fantastic house-hunting journey!

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